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Solo Connect - Evauk Corporation

Our Mission:

"To empower and equip small business owners with the necessary tools and an ecosystem to build and expand their B2B relationships within a mobile business community."

Our Vision:

"To become the market leader in B2B platforms by providing a free yet comprehensive ecosystem upon which our business communities are built."

About Us

We are a young and dedicated startup with a big vision and hunger for driving business-to-business (B2B) growth and success through mobile cloud interaction.

We understand what drives our users, how they relate and most importantly how they can work together to build mutually beneficial relationships. Until now, business networking and interaction has been widely under-utilized and often ignored. There is a starving and barren app market for expanding business relationships, which can be a key to extensive business success and growth. With this in mind, we have developed Solo Connect: a free user friendly app that is geared towards building mobile communities. It provides our users with the ability to seamlessly locate and connect with other Solo businesses; build a network of trusted partners; share, expose and legitimately refer customers and colleagues to their connected businesses for mutual benefit, all the while providing advanced analytics and reporting of these interactions.

With the introduction of a revolutionary new B2B networking and collaboration ecosystem, it is our intention to set an industry standard in which small businesses can build mobile business communities and flourish.

Our History

Evauk Corporation was founded in January 2015, after more than a year of market research and core concept planning and publically launched in July 2016.

Over the last 10 years, our CEO Thomas Feduk has had a great deal of experience in working with hundreds of small businesses throughout Southeastern Washington and Northeast Oregon. Thomas noticed that many non-competing small businesses had a natural tendency to develop relationships. In these cases, members automatically promoted one another, which resulted in greater exposure for all parties involved.

Two years ago, with this idea in mind, Thomas started joining various business networking groups and confirmed his observations: business relationship utilization and resulting promotion directly correlates with the growth and revenue potential of each member. Many of these networking groups were dedicated to this sort of behavior; however all interactions, referrals, communications and handling of information were exchanged using a mix of email, phone calls, and sticky notes or NCR forms that were passed back and forth at each meeting. After recognizing these B2B relationships exist across nearly every industry, Thomas realized there was a need for a mobile solution that focused and specialized in automating this activity and exchange process.

It was this experience that spurred Thomas to formulate the initial concept of Solo Connect. He founded this startup to provide an efficient, seamless and turnkey solution to bring business networking and interaction into the mobile world.

Our Founder

Thomas Feduk, Jr. - CEO & Backend Development Lead

Thomas Feduk, Jr. Thomas Feduk, Jr. (31), has been working professionally for 15 years in the IT and web application programming industries.

His first interest and experience in the IT field was at the age of 13. Shortly thereafter, Thomas enrolled in a specialist jumpstart class at a local high school to learn the core fundamentals about hardware and operating systems. Upon completion, he continued to expand his self-taught education through various educational materials and resources. At 15, Thomas received his first CompTIA A+ certification and was employed as a network technician specialist for the Richland School district, in WA. Later that year, he started his first company offering IT related services and consulting throughout his area. By the age of 16, after three months of self-training, Thomas obtained the CompTIA Network+ certification and expanded his business to include more complex network infrastructure services. The following year, Thomas attended Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA with a focus in Business Administration.

While still 17, Thomas began teaching himself web development and application programming and saw the immense potential in web-based services and solutions. At 20, as a staff member of Columbia Basin College, he taught a class on web-application programming. A number of years later, Thomas enrolled in Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities to attend classes of interest, specifically mechanical engineering and product design & development. He lectured over twenty hours at WSU Tri-Cities for one of their sponsored tech groups on various technologies, including disk encryption theory, web application implementation/management and Cascading Style Sheets.

Over the last 15 years, Thomas’s small business has evolved and grown tremendously, totaling over 500 clients throughout Southeastern Washington and Northeast Oregon. He has written a multitude of custom web applications and database systems for a number of these clients, ranging from medical billing & invoicing, to vulnerability & exploit recovery, to business management and logistics analysis. He decided to open source and publically release one of his vulnerability and exploit recovery applications for an online web-application (phpBB) which totaled over 40,000 downloads. A second software package he wrote, specializing in web-based file storage and management, reached nearly 20,000 downloads.

It was these experiences that have reinforced and contributed to his true passion: development and implementation of new, innovative business solutions.